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Starting something new

A new style perhaps?, November 4th, 2023

I am updating my blog to let any avid readers to let you know that I will try to post more about either some cool or scary tech news, tech things I find interesting, or anything else tech related. I can start with my first post by saying I started to use Open Media Vault on a NAS that I built using old computer parts from around our office that would just be sent to a technology recycling center. With that, I now have a 4TB ZFS pool with a single 8TB archive drive. I know, I know, this is bad tech practice to have one drive, however, I am looking to purchase 4 10TB drives to have a really nice ZFS pool with parity. So, if I would lose the correct 2 drives I would be able to get new drives in my NAS. I am looking for also starting to possibly run NextCloud as a FOSS version of OneDrive or Google Drive. Granted I would need to open some ports on the router or make a VPN into the network, I can always use a strong password and encryption to make sure that myself and my family would be able to access it. For now, that is it, but stay tuned as I hope to update this blog on a more regular basis.

I swear that I did not forget about you!

Finally, an update to this, September 12th, 2023

Hello World! I am finally updating my website after so long of nothing. I was busy with school, work, and living life, as one should be. However, it was always in my mind to update this. I have been moving to more FOSS and away from big tech and other medias. For starters, I got rid of Snapchat, Facebook, and Reddit. I have in turned started using Mastodon, Lemmy, and Instagram. I know, I know. Instagram, gross right? Well, I still need it in order to stay active in the Japan Association club. But, I would ideally get rid of it once done with school. However, Lemmy and Mastodon will be the main socials. The reason is since they are running on a fedaverse, meaning they are not running on a centralized service. So, no more big tech watching what I like or bookmark. Another update is I am using OPENSUSE. So far I am enjoying using it as a primary OS on an old laptop I have acquired. With this, I am able to use an OS that Microsoft cannot see what I am doing on, but work still requires me to use Windows 10. Another thing, I changed a lot of software from Spotify to Foobar2000 or from Google Photots to Ente. I am really enjoying getting into more FOSS and learning more about how much big tech actually monitors you. I will make another post about what FOSS I would recommend or another tab on the site. Keep watch to see what I do. That's it for now, see when I have the will to update this again.

Break Time for Website

Break time = website updates?, January 26th, 2023

I had time to kill when I needed a break from projects. So, as a result, I have made my website even better than it previously was. I added a navation bar (with help with Sam) with working links, Back to Top button, added photos on some blog posts, and made some slight color changes. I need suggestions on what to keep building out on the website to make it even more refined and clean.

my first page ever

Website Overhaul

Out with the old, in with the shared, January 25th, 2023

I have overhauled my old website from a very classy blue blog page to a now new modern blog looks. I have found a nice template from the coolest people over at W3Schools. This is such a great resource for starting out, and using their validator to ensure that there are no issues with your new, fancy website.

It Works! Debian Default Apache Page

My First Entry

Website is somewhat working, January 23rd, 2023

Today I signed up for my cool domain and a VPS provider, which at a yearly cost will cost me about $32 a year. I think that is a good deal considering I am starting to create more of a IT online presence. I have not done HTML and CSS in over 6 years, so this will be interesting for me to all learn again. I will hopefully keep my blog up-to-date with what I am doing to this site, in my work life, or in my IT life.

pic of me

Austin Gallenberger

Greetings and saluations to is my blog/website. Here you will find my posts about what I am up to, just random sites, or things that I think are cool. Stay as long as you want, and feel free to check this page out more in the future, where I will hopefully have updated this.